Studio Summary Winter 2013

The Landscape & Architecture Studio has offered seven topics in the winter semester 2013. Topics description can be seen below.

A) CHILD FRIENDLY CITY: Child friendly city allows children to grow up in environment that is welcoming, safe, full of ideas and dynamics. In this city there are children for the city beneficial part of urban life and all its parts, and are not isolated only to the specific designated areas for play and activities. In partnership with Prague 3 and resident children, we will explore the City from the perspective of children and propose strategies and make specific deign proposals so that children are able to be an integral part of life in public spaces.

B) HOLEŠOVICE &VLTAVA: The Vltava river is a primary element of the City structure. Recent years of development in Prague have brought increased interest in the river as a quality of life asset. The site is located on the north side of a stretch of the river along a tight bend. The other two edges of the site are existing urban fabric with a variety of mixed uses. The task is to re-vision this part of the City. Fundamental to this re- visioning is the integration of built and natural systems that promote a sustainable future for this part of the site and contribute to the surroundings.

C) 4real – STRAŠNICKÁ – actual architectural competition topic with support of the municipality: Transforming chaotic fragments around the metro station into a living local centre with the potential for a new town hall. The assignment will follow the architectural competition being prepared for the area. The project will be based on results of community participation and can be discussed with local NGOs.

D) 4real – MALEŠICKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ – actual topic with support of the municipality: The central public space of a former village is now more like a tatterd patchwork dominated by cars – the design should help to redefine its identity and community role. The local community is seriously interested in the future of the space and the project will be discussed with locals.

E) PLANTING PLAN on the basis of previous studio project or parallel with the study in the form of ATV.

F) CONTROL PLAN based on previous projects.

G) Other topic from the list offered by the Prague 10 municipality.