Landscape Transformations of the Post-communist countries

Shaping spaces around us is a lifelong challenge.

This processes diver from neighborhood to neighborhood; city to city; country to country and even continent to conti- nent. The reason for conference called landscape transfor- mations was to open a dialogue between professions that are recently involved in this global space change. The topic was narrowed to European post-communist countries which had to deal with new challenges of landscape development, transitions or degradation.

Our goals were first to present and discuss recent knowledge and findings of various stu- dent projects and thesis.

Second, increase collaboration and information exchange between professions that has land- scape as a common ground and third to develop a trans- disciplinary framework of cause and effect relationships that influence landscape stability and sustainability for the future.

We listed over 130 email address of professional and edu- cational institutions in 15 European countries and received responses from 10 (Czech Republic, Netherlands, Macedo- nia, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia, Albania, and Hungary). From all received abstracts we formulated six thematic topics which were policy and technology, cultural landscape, theory, public spaces, regeneration and public riverfronts.

The conference took place at the Czech Chamber of Architects in Prague and lasted for three days in October 17th to 19th, 2013.

We would like to thank all speakers for their participation, great energy and willingness to discuss all identified issues and we hope to continue with this topic in larger context in following years.

Martina Sarvašová

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