food/energy/ landscape

This workshop took place in town of Cazenovia in New York Sate, USA during December 2012. Two members of the studio team participated on the joint study of local food and energy systems together with students of College of Environmental Science and Forestry of State University of New York in Syracuse.

International Workshop Cazenovia, NY state, 2012

Students visited a number of local farms, renewable energy sources and other facilities that are part of Cazenovia’s landscape and have socio-economic relations. Information and data from these site visits and interviews with local players were used for diagraming of systemic relationships of current agricultural and energy production. The results of the workshop were presented to the Cazenovia community and organizations dealing with landscape and cultural protection in the region. The benefits of this participation include valuable case studies and cross-cultural exchange. 

This workshop was part of the winter studio topic FOOD&ENERGY 2012.