SGS Project 2012-2014

This research is first project of Landscape & Architecture team. It is supported by CTU funding via SGS (Studentská grantová soutěž - Student´s Grant Competition) and has started in 2012 with duration until the end of 2014. Milan Macoun, Martina Sarvašová, Jan Richtr a Kristýna Stará are participating as researchers in 2014. Expert supervisor of applied research principles is Henry Hanson.

The aim of the project is landscape – physical environment of men's life. It is explored from the view of landscape architect (professional that forms ideas and visions into the cultivated landscape of the future), public (citizens that occupate it) and ecologist (natural elements are fundamental components of the landscape). Following this principle the professional feedback of particular researchers (Milan – spatial planning, Martina, Kristýna – landscape architecture, Jan – landscape ecology) is combined in an interdisciplinary approach and the project is structured into four sub-themes:

A) Perspectives of landscape development in border areas of the Czech Republic

B) Participatory approach to planning of urban landscape

C) Food production systems in urban landscapes

D) Role of landscape architect in the process of urban and rural landscape formation

We provide the field research in border areas and in foreign regions (especially in Western Europe) and review of available documents, literature and data. To fulfill our goals like international relations of Czech Republic strengthening, achievement of deeper understanding among professionals and enrichment of local scene by knowledge from abroad, we present and publish particular outcomes at conferences, in the proceedings and professional journals. Suitanable tool for establishment of an interdisciplinary debate is organizing of an expert colloquium/conference. In the year 2013 first international interdisciplinary student conference Landscape Transformation was held in the centre of Prague at the Czech Chamber of Architects.