Since 2010 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Spatial Planning (PhD student)

2007 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Architecture and Urban Design (Ing.arch.) Diploma project: Conversion Of the Former Beneš ´s Textile Cleaners and Dyeworks in Mnichovo Hradiště

2004 – 2005 Technical University in Dresden, Faculty of Architecture, ERASMUS exchange programme scholarship

Professional Experience

Since 2010 Urban Planning, teaching assistant, Faculty of Architecture, CTU

2013 International Interdisciplinary Student Conference LANDSCAPE TRANSFORMATIONS of the Post-Communist Countries in Prague, organizer, Faculty of Architecture, CTU

Selection of other works:

2013   Implementation of Energy Savings in Public Buildings, development project in Slavonice in the framework of European territorial co-operation Austria – Czech Republic 2007-2013, freelance facilitator and project manager (with Centre For the Future o.p.s.)

2010   Family House Extension in Mnichovo Hradiště (DUR+DSP), freelance architect

2010   Multifunctional Complex on Masaryk Square in Mnichovo Hradiště (DUR), freelance architect and project manager (with ANITAS s.r.o.)

2010   Public Transportation Terminal in Bakov nad Jizerou, freelance architect and project manager (with ANITAS s.r.o.)

Selection of student practice participation:

2006   Land Use Plan Křivoklát, Ing.arch. Michal Bartošek

2003   Land Use Plan Koněprusy, Ing.arch. Michal Bartošek

2001   Kolšov Village Centre Renewal, Ing.arch. Ivan Vavřík


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SGS12/204/OHK1/3T/15 Borders Opening and Interface of the Regions in Europe – Projection to Spatial and Strategic Planning, Urban Design and Landscape, CTU in Prague

SVK 38/13/F5 LANDSCAPE TRANSFORMATIONS of the Post-Communist Countries: international interdisciplinary student´s conference, CTU in Prague


2013   Architecture Day, organization of the local tour in Mnichovo Hradiště